What marketing students say about Zone-in

Yesterday marketing students from Stellenbosch had great comments on their opinion about the platform and the value they see as future Zone-in users establishing synergy between a business and audience. The comments came after analyzing the Zone-in product to comment for the press.

Hyper over location based services and marketing in South Africa

Who needs local marketing?

Local marketing is in higher demand in the small business sector like restaurants, smaller practices that cant rely on the same advertising budgets that bigger franchises or larger companies are able to.

Location marketing allows small businesses to advertise digital coupons, loyalty reward programs to the impulsive consumer within the location at the time or day of coupon hand outs. Although a relatively new concept in South Africa companies such as Yelp, Waze, Foursquare have gained huge popularity in USA and parts of Europe. Here are some interesting links on the increasing interest location based marketing is receiving here in South Africa. Platform lets business zone-in on customers- published by itweb.

Location based deals from Zone-in to South Africa

Deal space is very saturated today so the answer to find a useful way to deliver location based deals is the question.
Who are you targeting? What is location to them? Would location be where they spend most of the day? Would location be the area you live in? In that case you probably going to find those two most useful to you. Our solution to the problem is asking the subscriber where do you live (not actual address only area) and where do you work? You can always change location points to suite you as you find yourself within those locations, but as for the rest we will feed you content where you need it most.