Nobody wants to worry about feeling exposed whilst enjoying a ride on the open road or whilst racing around a dirt track. Our insurance coers all forms of motorcycles, ATV's and associated accessories, whether your motorcycle is your preferred mode of transport or simply your bike for fun.

We also offer one of the best policies for more mature riders of cruiser or touring bikes, and have adjusted our underwriting to attract this market because of the low risk profile of these riders.

For your 4x4, Club Marine is your dependable partner when it comes to your off-road adventures. We cover everything from repatriating a vehicle to transporting in critical engine parts or medical assistance. We also have the intrepid traveller's needs at heart - our 4x4 all terrain cover is designed for the ultimate explorer ensuring you are covered for international border travel to countries as far afield as Kenya.

For your day-to-day vehicle cover we focus on insurance for executive, classic and exotic vehicles, with our core product covering the potential risk of damage or loss. The added benefits our policy offers include car hire, personal accident, top up and Third Party liability cover.




4x4 & 4x2

Farmers vehicles

Tour operators

Exotic, sports & classic



Scooters & vespas

Harley Davidsons

Trail & enduro bike